Chef  de biscuit - Amacarons

Welcome to Chef de Biscuit - Amacarons!

We are an artisanal bakery dedicated to quality. With a heritage that traces back to our roots in the world of chocolate, we strive to make our products with the finest ingredients. Our recipes have been passed down within the family, and our story began with the production of artisanal cookies. Step by step, we have expanded our range to include other high-quality delicacies, with macarons now forming a second pillar alongside our beloved cookies.

At Chef de Biscuit - Amacarons, you'll find a wide range of flavors, with no less than 20 different varieties to choose from. But we don't stop at our standard range. We are always open to collaborating with our customers to develop new and unique products that meet their desires. Thanks to our modest size, we are extremely flexible and can quickly respond to the needs of our customers.

At Chef de Biscuit - Amacarons, it's all about passion, tradition, and craftsmanship. We invite you to discover our delightful creations and enjoy the authentic flavors that we prepare with love and dedication for you.

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